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If you’re looking to keep your vehicle on the road for years to come, a little care can go a long way. We're proud to serve the Clifton area with professional Honda car service and routine maintenance, so you can give your Honda the care it needs to drive reliably for hundreds of thousands of miles. You can rely on our dealership for Honda Care oil change service, major collision repairs, suspension upgrades, and more!

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Honda Maintenance & Service Available at Route 23 Honda 

Wondering what to do when you see the Honda Accord "maintenance required" light? Have questions about the Honda maintenance numbers? When it comes to keeping your car running smoothly day in and day out, you'll find everything you need at our Honda dealership. Our team of seasoned technicians is happy to answer any questions you may have about what's covered under Honda Care, like oil change service and suspension repairs.

The services we offer include everything from oil change service to body repairs. Route 23 Honda employs a staff of Honda-trained technicians that know your vehicle inside and out and will treat it as if it were their own. Their expertise includes everything from new Honda models to older vehicles, so they can truly care for your vehicle regardless of how long you've owned it. Visit us for Honda car service and maintenance items such as:

  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Alignment & Suspension Services
  • Tire change & Rotation
  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Battery Replacement
  • State Inspection
  • Brake Service and Repair
  • And more!
We're happy to help demystify the Honda maintenance numbers or diagnose the strange squealing noise or loud knocking coming from underneath your hood. And when we do repairs, we only use genuine Honda parts to ensure that your Honda runs longer and smoother than a generic part might allow.

Break Maintenance and Replacement

Break Maintenance and Replacement

Honda vehicles are well-known for their longevity, reliability, and safety. However, in order for your CR-V, Civic, or Pilot to live up to that reputation, regular maintenance is essential. And, while the primary purpose of your sedan or SUV is transportation, being able to slow down and stop safely is equally critical, if not more so. If your vehicle's braking system is not adequately maintained, it can be a danger to you and everyone else on the road. However, it's easy to take your brakes for granted and forget about them until there's a problem.

Because of this, brake inspections are an integral part of a proper maintenance routine. At Route 23 Honda, our service center technicians can examine your vehicle's brake system and alert you to potential issues before they become serious.

When to Inspect or Replace Brake Components?

Brake pads are the part of the braking system that wears down the fastest. The lifespan of your brake pads varies depending on driving habits and conditions. The average replacement interval is close to every 50,000 miles; however, regular brake inspections ensure they're not wearing faster than expected. A good rule of thumb is to have them visually examined at every oil change, with a more involved inspection performed every 15,000 miles. During every oil change, technicians typically top off all fluids, including brake fluid. Brake rotors can 70,000 miles or more, but regular inspections are essential to ensure they are wearing evenly.

What Do Brake Inspections Check For?

When you bring your Honda in for service, our technicians will check to ensure that the brake pads are sufficiently thick and are wearing evenly. They will also examine caliper integrity, fluid level and condition, and the condition and alignment of the rotors.

What Are Some Signs of Brake Problems?

The most obvious indicators that service is required are grinding and strange noises. Other signs include a stiff or spongey-feeling brake pedal, a vibrating steering wheel, a burning or acrid odor, or the illumination of the ABS light.

Oil Changes

What Does Motor Oil Do and Why are Oil Changes Necessary?

Your Honda's engine contains tightly packed metal parts that rub against each other thousands of times every minute. Engine Oil lubricates these arts and helps absorb heat. Without oil, an engine will fail catastrophically in minutes due to friction buildup. Engine oil also collects dust, soot, and tiny metal particles and carries them to the filter. The filter does a good job of trapping most of the contaminants, but the remaining particulates will slowly build up and eventually render the oil ineffective. Regular oil changes ensure your engine operates efficiently and at a safe temperature.

When Should You Change the Oil in Your Honda?

Modern Honda vehicles feature the Maintenance Minder system, which, among other functions, monitors the condition, level, and age of the engine oil. The system measures the life of the oil as a percentage and will alert you when it drops below 15-percent. When this indicator comes, you should make plans to have your oil changed soon. When the indicator reaches five percent, you should take it to a service center right away. When the percentage reaches zero, service is past due.

Depending on conditions, usage, and oil type, the typical oil change interval for new Honda models is between 6,000 and 7,500 miles. This is also a good interval for brake inspections and tire rotations.

Older Honda models should have their oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on use and operating conditions. However, it's recommended that you check the oil level every 1,000 miles.

Battery Checks and Replacement

Though it's easy to take it for granted, your car battery has a tough job. It's responsible for turning the engine over, powering the exterior lights, and running internal systems like the infotainment system, air conditioning, heating, and cabin lighting. Like the brakes, the battery is easy to forget about until there's a problem. To avoid being stranded, it's essential to monitor for signs of battery exhaustion. These include:

  • Battery or Check Engine light illumination
  • Labored engine ignition
  • Swollen battery case
  • Headlight and cabin light dimming
  • Terminal corrosion or leakage

When to Test or Replace Your Car's Battery

Despite their tiresome job, car batteries are relatively durable and can last five years or longer depending on driving habits and conditions. However, to avoid unforeseen complications, you should have the battery tested one or two times a year after the third year. Additionally, if you observe any of the signs above, bring it to Route 23 Honda in Pompton Plains for testing or replacement if necessary. We have a large inventory of model-specific OEM Honda batteries to ensure optimum function and reliability.

Tire Rotation and Wheel Alignment

What are Tire Rotations? Why Do Tires Need to Be Rotated?

Rotating your Honda's tires involves swapping the front tires for the rear tires. The purpose of rotating tires is to promote equal wear of all tires. Rear tires roll straight and are subject to less friction than front tires. Not only do front tires turn the car, but they also bear the weight of the engine. Rotating tires at regular intervals ensures a longer lifespan by allowing them to "rest" in the rear position. It also helps ensure that all tires wear at the same rate.

If you don't rotate them, the front tires will wear out early, causing traction and handling problems and necessitating more frequent and costly replacements. To make it easy to remember, consider having your tires rotated with every oil change.

Why Are Wheel Alignments Necessary?

While the procedure is referred to as a wheel or tire alignment, it actually involves adjusting the suspension. This ensures that the wheels roll at optimum angles. A tire alignment the following attributes:

  • Camber: How far a tire appears to tilt away from an imaginary vertical line. A tire should make full, flat contact with the ground. Too much camber results in the vehicle rolling on the corner of the tire.
  • Caster: The angle between the steering axis and the vertical axis.
  • Toe: The direction in which the tires are pointed.

Misaligned wheels can work against each other, affecting handling and fuel efficiency and causing excess stress in the system. They can also cause excessive vibration in the steering column, which can be damaging.

Wheel Misalignment Indicators

The following issues can be symptoms of wheel misalignment:

  • The tire tread appears worn only on one side.
  • The tire tread is worn on the corners and in the center.
  • The vehicle has difficulty traveling in a straight line.
  • The steering wheel is off-center when traveling in a straight line.
  • You feel the steering wheel vibrate excessively.

If you have questions about the recommended service for your specific model, contact Route 23 Honda. And if your model is due for maintenance or needs an unexpected repair, visit us in Pompton Plains, where our Service Center experts can quickly diagnose any issue and have you rolling again quickly and safely.


Top 5 Reasons to Schedule a Service Appointment at Route 23 Honda

  • Knowledgeable Technicians: While all our mechanics have varying levels of experience, all are fully certified Honda technicians who know this brand best — whether you drive a new Honda Accord or a used Honda CR-V. Whether you're looking for a Honda oil change service or you require a more complex repair, they have the skills and equipment to take care of it. 
  • Genuine Honda Parts: The most compatible fit for your Honda, whether an oil filter, brake pad, or air filter, will always be a genuine Honda part. We offer a well-stocked selection at our Honda car service center near Butler, NJ.
  • Service Lounge: While we work on your Honda, you can kick back in our complimentary service lounge, grab a cup of coffee, and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi.
  • Shuttle Service: Does your Honda HR-V require more intricate repairs? We offer a complimentary service shuttle to bring you to work or your home in Wayne, NJ so your schedule remains uninterrupted!
  • Convenient Scheduling: All you have to do is reserve an appointment online using our online scheduler. Once you send your info to us in Pompton Plains, NJ, one of our Honda technicians will reach out to confirm your appointment via your preferred method of contact.
  • Honda Care: All new or used Honda vehicles are protected for basic services such as oil changes as well as issues with the transmission, suspension, air conditioning/heating, fuel system, and more. Contact us to schedule a Honda Care oil change service today.

Available Amenities

A great service experience is about more than just your vehicle. When you visit Route 23 Honda you'll have a range of amenities that will help keep you comfortable while we care for your vehicle.

Tackle Winter With Route 23 Honda

When the winter season kicks off in New Jersey, some first-time car shoppers might not know what they need to do to prepare their car; or even what type of car best fits for the season. Fortunately, we want to help answer all of your most frequently asked questions on winter weather and what it means for driving, here at Route 23 Honda in Pompton Plains, NJ. Drivers will find our inventory and Honda service center located at 700 NJ-23 and less than 10 minutes outside of Wayne.

Schedule Your Honda Service Today!

Sometimes simply scheduling your Honda service appointment is the most difficult part of giving your car the care it needs or addressing that pesky Honda Accord "maintenance required" light. With our online scheduling tool, you can set up your appointment any time, day or night, so you don't have to take time out of your day during business hours.

Let our Honda experts keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come! All of our services use Genuine Honda parts that guarantee both performance and quality for service you can trust.

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