Should you have a new Tonneau Cover installed over your truck's bed. Our crew here at Route 23 Honda wants to make you aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of getting one installed.

The Tonneau Cover can help improve fuel efficiency as the air glides over the bed instead of it resisting the flow. Another huge advantage to getting a new Tonneau Cover is that all your belongings in the bed are now going to be secure. Once you lock the cover, it will be less likely someone walks by and takes something out of your truck.

The Tonneau Cover can also help protect the bed from the weather, making it less likely for rust to eat away at the bed and liner.

One disadvantage of getting the Tonneau Cover is you don't have easy access to the entire bed of the truck.

Visit our service center at Route 23 Honda and we can help keep your truck running more efficiently all year with scheduled maintenance checks.

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