Although there are many routines that can impact how efficiently a car operates, a few methods don't produce practical results. If you want to maintain an optimum engine, you'll need to understand the most common motor oil myths that can impact performance on the road.

According to experts, the oil in an engine should be changed each time a car surpasses 3,000 miles. This myth is false because all cars have unique hardware that requires unique motor maintenance and oil changes. As a result, some cars may require an oil change whenever the engine hardware reaches 7,000 miles. The process of changing oil to protect a modern engine properly isn't a hassle since the latest automobiles are designed with oil monitoring hardware. If a car doesn't have this kind of hardware, you could gather motor oil maintenance information in a vehicle owner's manual.

Another myth involves the color of motor oil. According to motorists, motor oil should be changed when it's very black. This myth is also false since an oil's color doesn't impact its ability to protect an engine.

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