Your tires are your points of contact with the road. They're some of the most important parts of your automobile. They grip the road to give you traction. Because of this, they're key to keeping you safe as you drive. If their treads are too worn down, it can make it harder to drive, particularly in bad weather.

Here at Route 23 Honda, we're happy to provide tire balancing and rotation services. Tires wear unevenly based on whether your car is front- or rear-wheel drive. The part of your car that gets the most power first will wear down tread first, too. It's important for treads to wear evenly as much as possible. This can prevent blowouts, skids, and other issues.

Tire manufacturers provide guidelines for how often tires should be rotated. We always follow their advice so that your warranty is not negatively impacted. We'll also keep an eye out for any other issues, like uneven inflation.

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