There are many different myths online regarding vehicle information and maintenance it's hard to know who or, what to believe. Our staff at Route 23 Honda would like to clear up this confusion with some simple advice. Your owner's manual contains the recommended servicing based on your make and model of vehicle. Many vehicles are also now equipped with features that will let you know when it's time to set an appointment for service.

While we all know that getting your oil changed regularly assists in the longevity of your cars life and, overall operation; it's actually possible to do damage by changing the oil too often. Repeatedly accessing the vehicles engine and the parts around it can cause unnecessary wear on this area. It's also bad for the environment to unnecessarily waste and create pollution by discarding perfectly good oil.

We’re happy to provide you with all your vehicle servicing needs at 700 State Route 23. Should you feel it's time for a tune-up, or, maybe even a new car, go online to set an appointment, or, give us a call today.

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