Car Fluid Maintenance Made Simple

For your car to stay healthy under the hood, the engine and transmission need to be well-maintained by the routine replenishment and replacement of your car’s various fluids. There are several essential fluids that should be full and clean to keep your car on point. The fluids are as follows:

  • Engine Oil - Always open the hood and check the level using a wipe if you suspect low levels.
  • Transmission Fluid: Efficiency in the gears is paramount to keep the gear box maintained. Keep it a high-quality red fluid, without a burnt smell.
  • Coolant or Antifreeze: This prevents the car systems from overheating.
  • Brake Fluid: Your brake fluid provides an effective response from the brakes when driving.

When these fluids need replenishing, you can schedule service at Route 23 Honda, where our Honda service technicians in Pompton Plains, NJ make preventative maintenance a priority.

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