Why Winter Wiper Blades Are So Important

During the winter months, there is always the possibility of icy rain, heavy snow and sleet. These can all make it very difficult to see in harsh weather conditions while driving. When it comes to this type of situation, it's best to be prepared with the proper vehicle accessories, and here we will talk about why winter wiper blades are so important.

Snow, ice, freezing temperatures, and more can make driving dangerous and cause for concern. If you have windshield wiper blades from the summer, then you could possibly have a problem. No part of driving is more imperative than having a clear view of the road through the windshield. Making sure that you have windshield wiper blades that are up to standard is a key part in driving safely in winter.

Inspecting your wiper blades is a good first step in making sure they are roadworthy. Some of the things you want to check for is the squeegee for rips or cracks: also make sure that they are still flexible so they can contour to the windshield. Inspect the wiper frame for corrosion. All in all, your winter windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months regardless of current condition. Route 23 Honda is happy to order winter wiper blades here in our parts center and even install these parts when they come in. Contact our parts team today and be sure to place your next order.

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